City Hall Exhibit Scrapbook

From 10 February until 08 May 2006, what was then the entire Hotel Project portfolio was on display in the offices of District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly at San Francisco City Hall. This is my scrapbook of the exhibit.

Invitation to Opening

(sort of) Empty Walls

Exhibit curator & producer Keely Zahn making sketches as we plan the exhibit in Chris Daly's offices.

Exhibit Title, Credits & Introduction

Opening Night

Folks begin to arrive...

Opening Night (2)

Some of the first guests to arrive were residents of the area's SROs.

Opening Night (3)

My friend, Serge Echeverria, who has followed the evolution of my photography from its first, faltering steps.

Opening Night (4)

Chris's wife, Sarah (who made the arrangements for the fantastic food), and son, Jack.

Opening Night (5)

More guests arrive...

Opening Night (6)

San Francisco Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman, who honored me not just by coming to the opening, but by reading one of his poems as a dedication. Thank you, Jack. You helped make the evening an event to remember.

Opening Night (7)

The incredible food, including piles of the best spring rolls and samosas ever, was a big hit. Rachel Redondiez, an aide to Chris, is in the center.

Opening Night (8)

I'm getting one of Chris's delicious dirty martini's (that's Chris on the right), while Serge looks at my pictures.

Opening Night (9)

The place is really starting to fill up with lots of people. That's Sam Dodge, director of the Central City SRO Collaborative with the samosa in hand.

Opening Night (10)

My friend, DeForrest arrives.

Opening Night (11)

Fr. John Hardin, O.F.M., chats with my son Jesse, Jesse's girlfriend Monica, and me. Fr. Hardin is the director of St. Anthony's.

Opening Night (12)

An unidentified guest, Supervisor/bartender Daly, Jack Hirschman, friend Joann Babiak and Fr. Hardin.

Opening Night (13)

James Keys, an aide to Chris Daly and a great help in facilitating the exhibit, mugging for the camera.

Opening Night (14)

Me, talking with an unidentified guest, and James Keys, checking his camera. That's Rachel Redondiez in the foreground with her back to the camera. Thank you, James, Rachel and John Avalos, for your help and for being so good-natured about the invasion of your space for 3 months.

Opening Night (15)

Keely Zahn and Jack Hirschman (photo by James Keyes).

Opening Night (16)

It was such a grand experience to have so many people looking at my work!

Opening Night (17)

Of course, Chris & I each had to give our speeches. I'm afraid I got pretty choked-up during mine... Thank you, Chris, for the opportunity to show the complete Hotel Project portfolio at City Hall and for caring about the history and the future of San Francisco.

Opening Night (18)

The party roars on...

Opening Night (19)

The opening at its peak was really jammed full of people. It was truly a great experience.

Opening Night (20)

Keely Zahn, curator & friend.

Copyright © 2005, Mark Ellinger